Week 7

3/7 – 3/10

Tuesday, Studio

  • Short video on the Dutch Master, Karel Martens
  • Liz presents on the Karel Martens
  • Discussion
  • Favicons: What are they and how do I make them?
  • Responsive Design without Media Queries
  • Review your project with the person sitting next to you. Exchange a google doc where you answer:
    • What is the point of the website?
    • What is working conceptually?
    • What is working visually?
    • What is the first thing you’d want to click on? Why?
    • What can be improved?
  • Individual meetings with Nika


  • Continue working on your project

Wednesday, Lab


  • Continue programming Obsessions projects and push your code to GitHub as you continue to work. I’ll be reviewing your code throughout the week and commenting on issues and places for improvement.
  • Vitoria presents next week’s Weekly Interest

Friday, Studio

  • Midterm Review and project check ins with Nika
  • Work Day