Studio, Lab


  1. For this project we’re going to make a personal archive. The archive should contain 70–100 different pieces in it. The content of the archive is entirely up to you and should reflect one of your interests or ruminations.
  2. Think about how the archive is organized (or disorganized).
  3. The project must include a visual component: photos, illustrations, etc.
  4. The content can be found, your own, or a combination of both.
  5. Consider how the user interacts with your archive, and how the archive is experienced. Is it immediately accessible in its entirety, or is the user required to discover it?
  6. Project must have a title and favicon.
  7. Please include a paragraph on why you chose this collection of items to archive and your intention behind organizing it the way that you have. This can be housed within the body of the content or in a separate colophon page.
  8. You will be graded on concept, execution, and consistency.


Process: deck with ideas of archive, revised deck with sketches and wireframes of website. A short animation or screenshot of the finished piece as well as a text description of the project. The finished website to be online.

Technical Requirements

Website should be in html, css. (no JS)
Website must be responsive and work on a small screen (mobile)
Archive must change in some way based on an interaction.

Guest Critic

Seth Hoekstra


Project due March 17