Week 5

2/21 – 2/24

Tuesday, Studio


  • Create three completely different designs for your Obsessions project. Each idea should have a unique wireframe and include 3 pages: homepage and two interior pages. The designs must be contained inside of a presentation deck and be uploaded to your github account before the start of class. The PDF must be under 6mb. No 40 mb pdfs!!!
  • Reading: Function as Narrative, Weiyi Li
  • Discussion question

Wednesday, Lab

  • Jissaura presents Weekly Interest
  • Lexture/excercise: Flexbox and common UI patterns in web design
  • Project worktime



Friday, Studio


  • Think of some questions to ask guest presentor, Matthew Boblet
  • Do a complete sketch of your website and put it in a presentation deck (You only need to show one of each page. No need to show every individual archive item if you can click into each one)
  • Moon, prepare your presentation on Two Translations and Linked by Air
  • Discussion question