Valentine’s Day

Studio, Lab


  1. Design a 3.5″ × 5″ Valentine’s Day card for everyone in the class. The card content is up to you, but should include type on it in some capacity. Print and distribute the cards to the class.
  2. Design a digital version of the card. Think about how the experience of receiving the card in person differs from online. The digital design can’t simply be a jpg of the printed card. Consider how people receive digital information: an email, a gif on tumblr, on twitter etc. Think about how the card will be distributed, and to whom it will be sent. You can choose to send it to one person, the entire class, post it on social media, or something else completely. I must be one of the recipients.
  3. You will be graded on concept, design and craft of both cards, as well as the method for sharing the digital asset.


Process: Deck with ideas for the card. Finished: 15 copies of printed piece, 1 digital asset that should be distributed/viewed on mobile

Technical Requirements

The digital asset should be designed to live in the digital sphere in some capacity and should be optimized for mobile.


Project due February 14