Love Letter to an
Archived Element

Studio, Lab


  1. While still a relatively new media, the internet has gone through a series of changes (visual and technical) in the past couple decades. As a class, we will look at internet fossils (websites that have stayed intact for 10+ years) and discuss what makes these things extinct, and if they’re still relevant in any capacity today.
  2. What is your first memory of the internet? Write a short narrative (one to two paragraphs) that describes your first memory of interacting with the internet, this will root your project.
  3. Based on your narrative and your research, pick an elemrnt (can be an interaction, a theme, a component) from an earlier iteration of the internet and create a website embracing it. The iteration of the internet can be as recent as a trend from a couple years ago to as early as the start of the dot com era. While your project will be about a nostalgic component or story, your website should re-interpret it and present it in a way that makes sense in 2017. Among other things, this means that the website should be responsive and work on a variety of different screen sizes.
  4. The written response should be contained somewhere on your website. It can be either part of the main content, or housed in a separate colophon page.

Technical Requirements

  • Must be responsive work on a variety of screen sizes.
  • Can use Javascript or jQuery in some way. (optional)


Final due April 18