Week 14

5/2 – 5/5

Tuesday, Studio

  • Individual Meetings
  • Work day
  • Time permitting, watch video


  • Think of 3 questions to ask Dylan tomorrow
  • Continue programming

Wednesday, Lab

  • Gaurika presents Weekly Interest
  • Individual project meetings. Identify areas of technical challenge in your project that we can look at together. You should have 3 questions or areas of concern to look at. If you haven’t started programming your project in code, please have a basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript template ready that we can use for prototyping. Feel free to use the starter kit from week 12’s JavaScript exercises.


  • During the next week you should be underway with programming. Next week we will focus in more detail on the code you’ve been writing. We will analyze it more closely and identity areas of improvement. Next week I expect to be able to review substantial progress towards the coding of your final project.

Friday, Studio

  • Quickly chat about email design
  • Get into small groups (Nika to form)
  • We will have mini critiques, you will introduce your project and your classmates will go over these questions:
  • What is the point of the project?
  • Are the design decisions supporting the central idea? In what way?
  • Are the interactions supporting the design? In what way?
  • Which formal graphic design qualities (structure, grids, consistency, typography, color, scale…) are working? Which aren’t? What would help refine the overall design?
  • Does the title of the project feel approrpiate?
  • How can the central theme be elaborated upon? What could push the project even further?
  • What are the technical limitations? How can we figure it out, or try something else?


  • Continue working on your project