Week 13

4/24 – 4/28

Tuesday, Studio


  • Ana presents on Super Normal
  • Discussion Question
  • Revised concept with 3 different design directions/initial sketches (Homepage and 1 supporting page for each sketch)

Wednesday, Lab


  • Continue to work on Dream Vacation project. Make sure that you understand what is involved in the JavaScript interactions that you plan to implement in your website. Don’t design a website that is too far beyond your technical skill.

Friday, Studio

  • Ana presents on Super Normal
  • Discussion
  • Students get into groups of two and present their projects to each other. Create a google doc and answer the following questions about your partner’s work:
    • What is the central theme in all the directions?
    • What is most similar between the designs and what is most different?
    • Which design is the most cohesive at the moment? What is it communicating?
    • Which design is the least successful? Why?
    • Is the interaction in each direction supporting the concept or is it distracting from it?
    • Which formal graphic design qualities (structure, grids, consistency, typography, color, scale…) are working? Which aren’t? What would help refine the overall design?
    • Does the title of the project feel approrpiate?
    • How can the central theme be elaborated upon? What could push the project even further?
  • I will meet with you and your partner
  • Work Day
  • Please complete the course evaluation if you haven’t already


  • Finalized design due fully fleshed out based on feedback
  • Suggested homework: start programming