Week 11

4/11 – 4/14

Tuesday, Studio

  • Review sketching steps: Ideas -> Revise ideas -> 3 different designs of same idea -> finalized sketch
  • Review what 3 different designs of the same idea look like. Observe demo.
  • Why might this process be helpful? To you personally? To you at work, working for someone else? For a programmer? For a client?
  • Individual meetings with Nika
  • Work session


-Finalize your design and start programming

Wednesday, Lab

  • Ana presents Weekly Interest
  • Project worktime and individual programming help


Friday, Studio

  • What makes an interesting presentation? What are the best ways to talk about your work?
  • Martine Syms talking about her work
  • April Greiman taking about her work
  • Describe what’s being presented, explain inspiration, explain thoughts behind it, what is the backstory?
  • Have an opinion, be knowledgable, be confident
  • Simplify your project to things you know how to code. You don’t neeed crazy effects to have a strong project.
  • Borrowing fonts from GitHub
  • Individual meetings with Nika
  • Work day


-Finish your project and be ready to present this project and a previous project on Tuesday